Scrap Metal Recycling

Since 1921, Belvoir has been Northern Fauquier’s only family owned and operated, fully licensed, and permitted recycling facility. We meet or exceed all current environmental regulations.

All scrap metal delivered to our facility is weighed on our modern state of the art certified scales that are tested annually for accuracy. Unlike some of our competitors who “guess weights” because they have no truck scale or a undersized truck scale, our truck scale can accommodate vehicles up to 80 feet long and 11 feet wide. This allows for quick and accurate weighing to get you on your way faster.

Also, to get you on your way faster and make it easier, our steel yard is designed to minimize backing up. Large trucks and trailers are able to loop around in one continues motion. Our steel pile can also accommodate multiple vehicles unloading at the same time. Our equipment operators are top notch and capable of unloading most any large and heavy loads.